The Folks We’ve Met After Andy’s Death

After Andy’s death, we were visited by a number of politicians who wished to pay their respects.

Some were very sincere.  For example, then Senator Mike DeWine simply rang our doorbell and paid a visit.  We welcomed him into our home and spent several hours chatting.

We’ve come to know him as a sincere man who truly wants the best for his state.  We value his friendship. 

Another was then Congressman Steve LaTourette.  At the funeral home during calling hours, some self important politicians pushed their way to the head of the line.  Steve patiently stood in line and waited for his turn.  We miss him dearly. 

Most remarkable was our visit with President Bush several months after the funeral.  He was coming into town and his staff reached out to us.

We met him at Lakeland Community College.  He was giving a talk on Social Security and joined us in a private room directly afterward.

He already knew some of the Andy stories but wanted to know more about Andy from our point of view.

It was almost like talking to a neighbor over the fence.  In private, we found him to be highly intelligent, articulate, and profoundly spiritual.  We hugged, laughed, and cried together.  Sheila was the recipient of multiple presidential smooches.

The net result was that doors were opened for us to move forward with our scholarship endeavors.  We owe these public figures a debt of gratitude as well as every other local official who felt it proper to help our cause.