No structure can survive throughout the years without a strong foundation.  It was necessary for us to pour deep footers that would provide the stability needed to make the scholarship effort an absolute reality.

Mary from the Lakeland Foundation came to our home to discuss our goals.  One thing that Sheila made clear from the start was that we wanted to award nothing less than full scholarships.  It was agreed that to do so required establishing a permanent fund and getting enough money in the fund to make it work

As part of the funding effort, Lakeland’s video department produced a short documentary entitled “Twice Blessed By Andy”.  We were able to bring in the Marines who were with Andy during his final days as well as some of his local friends.  During one harrowing, emotional day, his fellow Marines were interviewed in Lakeland’s studio.  It was not an easy task but they were willing to do anything to help.  Shannon O’Brien was up to the task and carefully, gently, got a bunch of tough guys to open up.

The video was premiered at our first gala.  Here it is, introduced by none other than Shannon O’Brien: