Some of our recipients.

The world does not stop, nor does it spin backwards. It just keeps rotating on it’s axis despite what we might want. We have learned to accept the present and the future, even though there are so many moments we would wish to turn back the clock.

February not only brought us to the 13th annual marker of Ace’s death, but it also brought a 3rd deployment for #2 son, Pete. To say we are proud of him is an understatement. To say it is stressful for us is also an understatement. We know Ace has his back.

March brought us 3 more scholarship recipients that have demonstrated the same passion to serve and protect that Andy had.  It also brings Ace’s 38th birthday.

We know that we will just keep going, despite the occasional desire to just pull the covers over our heads. We will continue what we started 13 years ago; award scholarships in Ace’s name and keep his spirit alive.